Blizzard Announce World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion

World of Warcraft: Legion

Just less than a decade ago, we were famously “NOT PREPARED!” We strapped on our gear, formed raid groups and made tracks straight to the Black Temple to prove that we were. We cried when the Warglaives of Azzinoth didn’t drop, and lost our shit when they did… and then slowly, Black Temple and all of Outland faded, only to be known as that place where the best transmog runs took place.

Illidan Stormrage Warglaive of Azzinoth - World of Warcraft Legion

Yesterday at Gamescom in Germany, Blizzard took to the stage to announce Legion, the brand new expansion for the long-running MMORPG, World of Warcraft, making it abundantly clear that once again we were NOT prepared!

The live presentation began with a cinematic teaser trailer where we found Gul’dan, the infamous Orc Shaman, uncovering the legendary betrayer, Illidan Stormrage! And just like that, every WoW lover hopped aboard the hype train, /cheering their way across the whole of Azeroth!

If the bright green arcane markings weren’t enough, Blizzard released a goose bump-inducing video touching on some of the new features we can expect to enjoy.

Leading up to the official launch, marking the return of The Burning Legion, players will have to face hordes of demons in a zone known as the Tomb of Sargeras. Dalaran City will also return as the main player city hub, so let’s all get ready to hop around the fountains one more time!

The biggest Legion news is that the expansion will introduce a brand new continent called The Broken Isles, raise the level cap to a sexy 110 as well as introduce a brand new class known as the Demon Hunter (playable by Night Elves and Blood Elves).

The Broken Isles Zone Map - World of Warcraft Legion

Demon Hunter class in World of Warcraft Legion

The lovers of lore went weak in the knees when it was announced that Alleria and Turalyon were making their return, then they fainted completely when the legendary Ashbringer and Doomhammer weapons appeared onscreen.

Each class spec has their own unique Artifact Weapon and a unique quest tied to it. These weapons are completely customisable, allowing you to change the colour as well as the design to that which best reflects your play style.

Artifact Weapons of World of Warcraft Legion

Many new dungeons and raids are being added, all with added incentives to keep on completing them even after you’ve received your desired loot. The Emerald Nightmare raid finally allows players to see the Emerald Dream, exploring what’s behind those portals that we came across in the early days of WoW.

As a PvP lover, I was extremely excited to delve into the brand new PvP Honor System. Here is what we know, curtesy of wowhead:

  • Honor rank 1-50: as you progress, you earn perks, bonuses and talents.
  • Examples: Abolish Magic, Adaptation, Blood and Soil, Initiation, Mind Quickness, Necrotic Strike.
  • Prestige: Gain Prestige Ranks. If you want, you can reset your honour level and go through it again for cosmetic reasons.
  • Earn Portrait Badges to see how many times you have “Prestiged”, unique mounts (ex was Black Warhorse), Unique PvP Artifact Variants

Here’s the full Legion Overview Video that was played at Gamescom:

World of Warcraft Legion Horde EmblemFOR THE HORDE… AND THE ALLIANCE!World of Warcraft Legion Alliance Emblem

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon VS. Late Night with Seth Meyers

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon versus Late Night with Seth Meyers

If you are a lover of late night talk/variety shows, or have ever been to YouTube, then you are sure to know the names Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers. With both of them being involved with Saturday Night Live, there is no denying that many people seem to enjoying pitting The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Meyers against one another, as if they are stuck in some eternal battle.

If YouTube subscriptions are anything to go by, Fallon’s Tonight Show is definitely more popular, with a whopping 7.7mil subscribers to Late Night’s 244k. One of the main reasons for Fallon’s popularity is definitely thanks to the many hilarious games that are played with his celebrity guests. Home to Lip Sync Battles, Hashtags, Slapjack, Kid Theater, True Confessions and many, many more, most Tonight Show clips go viral faster than herpes in Vegas.

Here’s a Kid Theatre classic, featuring Birdman, Batman and Beetlejuice himself, Michael Keaton:

As a massive Saturday Night Live fan, I had to add this clip. Three out of my four favourite Weekend Update anchors shared a stage for a hilarious game of True Confessions.

One of the main reasons that I would personally rate Late Night higher is due to the fact that the audience are not prompted to laugh. One would swear that the Tonight Show guests are force-fed laughing gas upon entering, finding even the smallest thing as funny as watching somebody fall down and fart, simultaneously. I know that the emphasised laughing has its place, but let’s be honest, this isn’t the Ellen DeGeneres Show or something featuring Oprah Winfrey.

I personally love watching Seth Meyers’ reaction after a joke ‘bombs’ with his audience. Just as he said when he hosted last year’s Emmy Awards, jokes are like nominees, they can’t all be winners. This gives the show a much more personal and authentic feeling, portraying the audience as real people, rather than just a ‘blow-up laugh track’.

Seth Meyers Hosting Emmy 2014

This is not to say that Late Night doesn’t have some equally entertaining segments, such as Venn Diagrams, Teen Slang, Last Line of the News Story, Crew Poetry and Ya Burnt!, not to mention the many comical rants Meyers finds himself going off on.

Ya Burnt! perfectly demonstrates the amazing writing force behind Late Night as well as the great hosting that we have come to love from Seth Meyers.

Late Night also features some excellent celebrity cameo segments, like the time Meyers brought Game of Throne’s Jon Snow to a dinner party.

All in all, The Tonight Show seems to rely mainly on pure entertainment, with its celebrity cameo segments, while Late Night focuses more on deeper interviews and political inspired humour.

Jerry Seinfeld even commented on the fact that Seth Meyers has no sort of cue cards during his interviews, showing that none of it is really scripted. We’re basically watching two people sit and chat about their latest adventures, in a humorous way, which is what I feel a talk show should be all about.

Soar High Above Stormwind with the Skies of Azeroth 360° Video

Warcraft Stormwind 360 - Skies of Azeroth

Although we still have to wait until November for the official Warcraft trailer to land, Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment have gone ahead and released this epic 360° virtual griffin flight over the beautiful City of Stormwind, inspired by the film.

Scrubs Eagle Scene

Luckily one of the Flight Masters was on the ball and strapped a GoPro onto a griffin, making it possible for us to squeal “eeeeeeeagle” as we glide through the air.

The video is best viewed using Google Chrome, allowing you to use your mouse to look around, or your Mobile YouTube App, which allows you to pan the video in any direction, based on how you move the device.

Ignoring some of the obvious differences between this Stormwind and the real one (yes, I have spent enough time online to think of it as being real), here are some of the practical differences I immediately noticed:

1. There wasn’t a single duel taking place just outside the main gate. Either this realm is super underpopulated, or everyone has rolled a stealthy class and are too afraid to make the first move.

2. There isn’t any Warlock standing atop the main gate, next to their Demonic Circle, looking down smugly at the plebs below.

3. There was not a sea of mounts surrounding the Auction House and blocking the auctioneer NPCs.

4. I didn’t spot a single exotic-looking flying mount performing mid-air somersaults.

5. Where was the relaxing fountain outside the bank? What are people supposed to try jump on now, while they wait for their Dungeon or Battleground queue to pop?

6. I was sad that Goldshire, better known as Pornshire, was ignored. I was excited to see all the naked characters hopping around, /spitting at one other.

I must say that I did feel all giddy inside as the video starts, and we see the other griffon pass us and land in its correct spot.

Let’s hold thumbs that the Warcraft movie will deliver, I feel like this is definitely a good start!

FOR THE ALLIANCE! World of Warcraft Alliance Logo

Angreview Film: The Lazarus Effect (2015)

The Lazarus Effect Film Review

(The following review contains spoilers)

Tagline: Frankenstein’s Monster just got Hotter!

From stoned writers that just finished watching Flatliners and Pet Sematary, comes the new horror/thriller flick, The Lazarus Effect, proving once again that as long as you have a popular and pretty-looking cast, you don’t really need a screenplay that is original or even coherent.

We are introduced to a ragtag group of medical students that decide to ignore everything they have ever seen in other horror movies, and attempt to raise the dead. After failing to resurrect Miss Piggy, the group decides to try their luck with a dog.

“If this works, we don’t know how the dog will behave once it has been revived,” says Stoner-doctor, who seems to be the most intelligent out of the lot. “Perhaps we should start with a less terrifying dog, like a Chihuahua, seeing as we only have a tiny dog cage. Or shit, I don’t know, maybe something herbivorous and slow, like a sloth?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” replies Alpha-doctor, “nobody will take us seriously unless we bring something potentially scary back from the dead…”

For a group of supposedly intelligent individuals, they sure seem rather nonchalant about leaving zombie-dog to its own devices.

“Should we do some tests on zombie-dog?” asks Olivia Wilde’s character, Hot-doc.

“Nah, it’s late, let’s just take our experiment home with us,” replies Alpha-doc, “what’s the worst that could happen?”

What the hell are you thinking Alpha-doc?!

That night, while Wilde somehow isn’t suffocated by her skin-tight blanket, zombie-dog steps on the bed and watches her sleep, inevitably hoping to eat her brain and hump her leg.


After the writers come up with a sloppy way of killing Wilde’s character, Alpha-doc is left with no other option but to try and use the Lazarus Serum on her. Damn, didn’t see that one coming.

“Shouldn’t we sterilise the equipment first,” asks Black-doctor (yes, he dies first), “seeing as it was just inside the dogs brain?”

“No time!” cries Alpha-doc, “it will work, it says so in the script!”

This is the point where the movie has the potential to become great, how are they going to tackle the idea of heaven/hell, is there a bright light? Was St. Peter wearing a pimp suit?

Unfortunately, with most horror movies, it is about this time where the plot completely flatlines (see what I did there?). Rather than taking an interesting original approach, Wilde loses her shit and goes on a murderous rampage.

[Insert obvious “this movie just has no life” comment here]

I think it is clear to say that regardless of who you are, you’ll probably have a more enjoyable time simply searching for Olivia Wilde on Google Images.

With such an awesome cast, consisting of Wilde, Mark Duplass (The League), Donald Glover (Community and rapper Childish Gambino), Evan Peters (X-Men’s Quicksilver) and even Ray Wise, who will always be the U.S President from Command and Conquer’s Red Alert 2 to me, I think we all just expected more… Much more.

If there is one thing that we should all take away from this film, it’s that security guards should really be paid more, then they might actually do their job.


I rank The Lazarus Effect:

4 Pitch Black Eyes / 20 Plot Holes

Angreview Film: Run All Night (2015)

Funny Film Review of Run All Night

(The following review contains spoilers)

Tagline: Taken 4 – Now With a Son

From the inner mind of a Taken fan, comes the next Liam Neeson-styled action/thriller, boner inducer, Run All Night.

We all know by now that Neeson has a very particular set of skills, skills that he has acquired over a very long career, which he will use to find you and bore you to death.

Run All Night answers the question as to what would go down if the daughter from Taken, was actually a son, a question that only the diehard Neeson fans were actually asking.

We are introduced to Jimmy (Neeson), a coldblooded mobster that just wants to put the past behind him, although he is unable to, because one of his family member’s lives is in danger.

“Wow, what a great plot, a father, putting it all on the line for one of his estranged offspring, I never saw that coming,” said a man that had just woken up from a 10 year coma.

When Jimmy’s lifelong best friend, and scary mob boss, decides that the only way he can deal with the death of his son, is by killing Jimmy’s son, Neeson needs to decide where his loyalties lie. What follows is 114 minutes of genre clichés, complete with car-chases, shoot-outs, explosions, parkour and red laser-sights darting frantically through clouds of dust and smoke.

The first scene that had me on the edge of my seat… reaching for the remote, was when Jimmy and his son somehow escaped the apartment building, while the SWAT team was busy rushing in. I feel like the Agent in charge of telling his team to lockdown the building should probably be fired immediately.

The next annoying scene, that managed to tick off the 280th action cliché, was the fact that Neeson once again hardly noticed that he had been shot. Besides becoming slightly “limpy” for a couple of seconds, he brushed it off like a boss. I know he was a Jedi and all, but that seems a little ridiculous.

With that said, it has to be noted that Run All Night was definitely the best Taken film to date.


I rank Run All Night:

7 Liam Neeson Impersonations / 11 Explosions

Angreview Film: Area 51 (2015)

Funny Film Review of Area 51

(The following review contains spoilers)

Tagline: When papier-mâché Aliens Attack!

From Oren Peli, the creator of Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Activity 2, Paranormal Activity 3, Paranormal Activity 4, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Paranormal Activity: In Space, Paranormal Activity: The Unmarked Ones, Paranormal Activity: The Return of the Paranormal and Paranormal Activitynado, comes the much anticipated, and next big middle finger to the horror genre, Area 51.

As alien conspiracy theorists open their first box of tissues, we are introduced to three gentlemen that decide to break into Area 51, and film it all! The fact that the main three actors are “playing themselves” must obviously mean that everything we are about to witness is completely true. I mean it is obvious that the American Government would keep an Area 51 break-in on the hush hush, and you just try to prove me wrong! I’m just glad someone in the Nevada Desert found the lost footage and was intelligent enough to drop everything and head straight to Peli’s house.

Peli was overheard boasting about this project in a random bar, saying that after the great success he had using fishing wire to slam doors shut and bad effects to make pool cleaners explode out of the water, he thought that it was time for him to head to an empty hospital at night, with three “actors”, a camera and a couple of handmade papier-mâché “aliens” crafted by his daughter in her kindergarten art class.

Unfortunately, after wasting their entire budget on cool gear and that alien spaceship scene, the film was prolonged by a whopping eight years. After heading down to the cinema to speak to people that had just watched the film, the majority agreed that an anal probe would have been more entertaining, while others were disappointed that no foetus-looking creature burst out from anyone’s chest. A thirteen year old girl was overheard telling her brother that she would have preferred a movie based on the life of Jar Jar Binks, to which everyone booed, and the brother slammed his empty popcorn box over her head and pushed her down the cinema steps.


The best part of this movie is that it gets straight into the action, some 10 minutes in and we are already poking the squishy alien pods… If you believed the previous sentence, then you have obviously never watched a Peli production. The amount of time wasting is the only thing about this movie that is actually out of this world.

Sticking true to the bad horror stereotype of “adding boobs”, everyone will be glad to know that a decent chunk of time is “wasted” with the gents testing their spy equipment out in a strip club. Just when you think aliens are surely around the corner, nope, now we need to watch an elaborate breaking and entering scene which leaves you on the edge of your seat, reaching for the television remote that fell off your lap some fifteen minutes earlier. If only you could reach it without having to move from the couch, then you could actually change the channel to something decent.


All in all, I rank Area 51:

2 E.T. Fingers / 51 Hand-held Camera Shakes

South Africans in the IPL 2015


Now that the ICC Cricket World Cup has come to an end, if you are like me, there’s still a burning desire to watch some more great live cricket. Thankfully, the Indian Premier League begins today, bringing with it all the excitement of the number 1 T20 tournament!

The best part about the IPL is that viewers are able to watch many of their favourite cricketers from across the globe come together to form amazing hybrid teams. As a South African, I am pleased to see that a large number of our local boyjies have been scooped up and chosen to rock up and whack some mind-blowing sixes. Every one of the 8 IPL teams have at least one South African representing!

If I had to make a pre-tournament prediction as to which team is going to take the trophy home, I would have to go with my favourite team, the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Some may say that it is only because they have the legendary AB de Villiers in, but with a team consisting of Rilee Rossouw, Virat Kohli, Mitchell Starc, Sean Abbott and the amazing Chris Gayle, to name a few, it is clear that there are some big names pulling on the RCB kit.

To make the lives easier for all the South Africans that are keen to keep up to date with the IPL, here are the South Africans that you can expect to see.






Rajasthan Royals



The IPL is going to be extremely exciting, with big hitting, thrilling bowling and hopefully some catches that spit in the face of physics!

Who are your favourites? Who do you think will walk away as champions? Comment below and join in the conversation!

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Cricket World Cup: South Africa vs Zimbabwe Halfway Mark

2015-02-15 07-11-36 AM

The halfway mark of South Africa’s opening Cricket World Cup game against Zimbabwe has just arrived. Zimbabwe won the toss and chose to bowl first. It looked like they had picked the perfect strategy, getting Quinton de Kock out for a tiny 7 runs, as well as Amla being dismissed for only 11. Just as AB de Villiers was beginning to unleash his fury, Zimbabwe’s Craig Ervine took an unbelievable catch, with de Villiers walking off for 25 runs off 36 balls. At that point we were 83-4, and my mood was far from happy. It was extreme early hours of the morning, and I was not ready for all the fools that would flood the internet shortly, crying “chokers!”

Luckily, the always solid, JP Duminy, and the recently solid, David Miller, stepped up to the challenge, starting slow, getting themselves into the game, and then unleashing absolute mayhem.

2015-02-15 07-10-43 AM

Miller started things off, smashing a massive 9 sixes, one of them was so big that a new ball had to be brought onto the field. Duminy followed suit, picking up his hundred off of 96 balls. After some amazing batting by the two, South Africa posted a promising total of 339/4, with Miller ending on 138 and Duminy on 115.

Zimbabwe is about to head onto the field, requiring 140 to win. I’m excited to see what our boys with the ball in hand have to offer!

Protea Fire all the way!

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2015-02-15 07-11-13 AM

Cricket World Cup: South Africa vs Zimbabwe

On the off chance that your Protea Fire wasn’t burning bright enough already, this amusing image making its way around the glorious interwebs is sure to help fuel that flame!

MugabeFallOutSay what you want about Mugabe, but I hear he has been working closely with a number of spin doctors throughout his whole career. Imran Tahir better be ready!

Don’t forget to support your team in their opening game, coming this Sunday, February 15th, well technically 16th, at midnight local time. Staying up to the early hours of the morning on a Sunday is never usually a great idea, although I’m quite sure your boss won’t get angry with your “I was up supporting our boytjies” excuse 😉


South Africa vs Sri Lanka – Cricket World Cup Warm-Up Match

Warm-upAlthough rain played a massive role in the first Protea warm-up game, thanks to a quick partnership formed between Quinton De Kock and Hashim Amla, Proteas pushed across the line, defeating Sri Lanka by 5 wickets, with 3 balls remaining, with the Duckworth-Lewis method.

The Proteas won the toss and elected to bowl. What followed was quite a large score by Sri Lanka. Dilshan scored a promising 100 off 83, with Captain Angelo Mathews scoring 58 from 49.

Kyle Abbott bowled beautifully, taking 3 wickets, with 21 dots, after 6.4 overs bowled (with an economy of 5.55). Parnell followed suit, taking 2 wickets, with Philander and Tahir each picking up one. With 20 runs off of 2 overs bowled, Behardien needs to work on tidying up his bowling before the ‘real deal’ matches begin.

AB de Villiers was rested as a precaution, due to a tight right hip, so there was already some added pressure to our batting line-up. Once the rain had finally cleared up, Amla and De Kock came in strong, with Hash reaching 46 runs off of 40 balls, and De Kock achieving 66 off 55. Nothing amazing followed by our other batsmen, although with clear heads, and a calm strategy, the Proteas crossed the finish line, beating Sri Lanka with 3 balls remaining.

SA Bat

South Africa’s final warm-up match takes place on Wednesday, February 11th, against New Zealand. Play starts at 22:00 GMT, so once again, midnight South African time. This will be a top class match to watch, seeing us go head-to-head against one of the home sides. Good luck boys.